Who were your ancestors? What were their lives like? As both an historian and a genealogist, I can research your family tree and help bring your ancestors’ stories to life. I offer research services for all scenarios, no matter how large or small, from the completion of a full family tree or the copying of a document from the Tasmanian Archives.  My focus is Tasmanian history, but I can also research more broadly within Australia and the UK. Research services are charged at an hourly rate.

DNA Analysis

I am passionate about genetic genealogy as a tool to support traditional document-based family history. It can tell you more about who you are and confirm that your family tree research is correct. But understanding DNA matches and ethnicity results can at times be confusing. If you have tested with Ancestry or MyHeritage, then I can help!

What people say

I knew some of the family’s history, but you have given me much more.

Mary, August 2018

Thank you so much for your research and report – I’m absolutely delighted with it!

Alex, November 2019

Thank you for your detailed and highly professional report.

Matthew, June 2020


Connections Family History research is run by historian and genealogist Caroline Haigh. I use traditional and genetic genealogical research techniques to resolve family history questions and uncover family history stories. I am particularly interested in interpreting DNA matches to explore deeper into a family tree and to confirm a paper trail.

I am a sixth-generation Tasmanian with a particular interest in Tasmanian Colonial-era and convict history, especially as it impacted on women and children. I am a member of the Professional Historians Association (VIC/TAS) and an accredited genealogist (AAGRA).  My DNA training includes courses run by the American National Genealogical Society and I am currently enrolled with the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.