DNA Analysis

Make sense of those matches!

DNA Analysis

(If you have not yet had your DNA-tested and want to learn more about it, click on my Blog and read the post Things You Need to Know about DNA Testing, before you test.)

What is DNA analysis?

DNA analysis is the new frontier of genealogical research, providing information about your admixture (or Ethnicity), and identifying shared matches to people with whom you are related and share DNA. It can identify previously unknown family, help break down ‘brick wall’ ancestors and give clues as to where your ancestors originated. It is also a great tool to confirm the accuracy of your family tree.

The various DNA testing companies provide plenty of information but it requires work to make sense of it. It can feel overwhelming, but I can help, by applying various tools to extract meaning from your results.

Complimentary Analysis

DNA analysis is a powerful tool but it is limited by the other individuals who have tested with the same company and are in their database. Consequently, I offer an initial no-obligation complementary review of your DNA results to determine whether there are sufficient close matches and associated family trees, to draw conclusions from your current results, before proceeding.


DNA results analysis and report writing is charged at an hourly rate.

What people say

I knew some of the family’s history, but you have given me much more.

Mary, August 2018

Thank you so much for your research and report – I’m absolutely delighted with it!

Alex, November 2019

Thank you for your detailed and highly professional report.

Matthew, June 2020